ReGreening Initiatives is one of the local Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) of Tanzania, non profit making which was established and registered in March 2017 vide registration number 00NGO/0009070. The NGO corroborates with National and International development partners to providing technical advisory and management services in development cooperation. Since its establishment March 2017, is working in Babati District-Manyara Region located in the Northern part of Tanzania. Currently, ReGreening Initiatives  is in  corroboration with a Peruvian organization “Pachamama Raymi’ working on a project known as Greening Africa – the environmental and poverty reduction project, in  4 villages of Babati District namely  Vilima vitatu, Mwada, Sangaiwe and Sarame with an office in Magugu centre  about 50 km from Tarangire National park. 


The vision of ReGreening Initiatives is to be a Non Governmental Organization that achieves prosperous rural communities in the shortest possible time.


In order to achieve prosperous rural communities, ReGreening initiatives will build on the existing awareness and knowledge of villagers to facilitate comprehensive and sustainable prosperity for families and their natural environment, discovering and strengthening, their potential, through the existing local decision making structure in cooperation with Local Government Authorities (LGAs) and institutions.

Objectives /Purpose

The general objective: Contribute to eradicate rural poverty in Tanzania.

The specific objectives are:

i. To promote restoration of degraded natural resources and adequate management of natural resources.

ii. To improve the quality of the lives of the people.

iii. To improving health and education services.

iv. To mentor the youths through community services, and provide useful training that will help them to grow into responsible citizens.

v. To promote economic prosperity by supporting commercial Agriculture 

This tree- 'Cedrela odorata' may change my life positively within a few years

Fruit farming is now commercial, I earn money from these papaya trees.

Green Africa Project enabled me to have permanent clean and safe water just at my residence  

I enjoy the green environment with my family. This is a result of restoration and conserving nature

We support villages to plan and establish village forest reserves.Community Based Forest Reserve - From degraded land to environmental museum of high biodiversity value

Protected natural forest adjacent to the farming land provide positive micro climate for the planted crops

Follow up and evaluation of planted trees after two years of Green Africa project support  

Local and Low cost methods of raising tree seedlings at family level